Think you're having a bad day?... 
Well how about if you just tossed a  MILLION DOLLAR fish back !!

Paul Duclos of Santa Rosa, California caught this lunker  at Spring Lake, CA. a 75-acre lake near Santa Rosa. Duclos was using a 9-inch Castaic Rainbow crankbait with 25-pound test line. The fish fought for less than two minutes. He knew the bass was huge, but didn't think it would break a world record. He called his wife and she brought a bathroom scale and the fish weighed an even 24 pounds. After taking a photo of the fish he released it. He said that he has never killed a bass, but in retrospect he probably should have kept this one. The fish is estimated to be around 12 years old.

Most of these were caught at Lake Silver Springs, NJ. 

Others from Florida, California, Tennessee, New York, Alabama and elsewhere.

Vincent with his first largemouth bass of the season, caught at Lake Silver Springs
Lake Silver Springs
555 Route 46 
Kenvil, NJ  07847

(973) 927-0777 

Lake Silver Springs, NJ

Alyssa landed this largemouth at Lake Silver Springs with a little help from her friends. 

She needed some help just to stay on the dock, 

Looks like a fair fight to me...

Sheridan caught this largemouth at Lake Silver Springs.

She makes it look easy...

Gregg caught this largemouth at Lake Silver Springs. Ron also caught his largemouth at Lake Silver Springs.
Fred caught this 5.6 lb. largemouth at the Sprain reservoir in Yonkers, NY
Lisa with a 2 lb. 8 oz. largemouth caught in Cherokee Co. Alabama Craig caught a nice 5 lb. 12 oz.  largemouth bass in Cherokee Co. Alabama 
Alex caught this 24", 5.8 lb. bass at Lake Silver Springs using a "pumpkin and green fleck"  rubber worm.  Alex at  5 1/2 years old. Grandpa gets an assist on this one...
Digital photos courtesy of Grandma, who keeps an eye on both.
Above, George caught all 3 of these fish at Water Town Lake
Lake City, FL.


This 6lbs. 22" Largemouth was caught at Norris Lake, TN. by Jason (JP), with an assist from daughter  Kendra. This largemouth was caught by Jodie at 
Clear Lake, CA.

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